Monday, January 08, 2007

Pot (Government) and kettle (airlines): both black !!

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'Its like the pot calling the kettle black'. In this case the pot is Government Environment Minister Ian Pearson, calling the kettle, budget airline Ryanair, black by recently saying they are "the irresponsible face of capitalism" for not acting to fight climate change. He has pointed to the airline and accused them of doing something that the Government he is a member of are guilty of doing themselves and so provides an excellent example of this saying.

"The pot" represented by the Blair Labour Government is very close to the kettle and has been going black cooking away over the fire for ten years. It has managed to achieve an increase in emissions that cause climate change of 2%, though one would never guess this from their warm words of concern about our climate. "The kettle" represented by the airlines has been boiling away over the fire, becoming black from the flames, helping the Government to achieve its rise in climate change emissions of 2% very efficiently and effectively.

The pot and the kettle are old friends who have turned black with time; the pot only sees the blackness which is on the kettle; he doesn't see the black on himself.

Its no wonder then that the airline critic was told by his bosses not to make any further comment on the issue!