Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The needs of children

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Have just signed the NSPCC 'I Stand for Children' pledge after receiving an email (edited and adapted extract in bold italics below) from a Bristol East voter. Children and childhood are very important and central to green thinking and action, given that we are about creating a new ethics - that of securing a decent life for future generations.

We are neglecting children's emotional and social needs and so we see significant depression, behavioural and developmental problems in children. We also see significant abuse of children. They need real protection, real food, real play, real experience of the world first hand, real and quality interaction with the adults in their lives - and time.

The NSPCC want the protection of children to be a top priority for the next elected Parliament - to ensure vital child protection reforms committed to are delivered, and essential funding and resources are secured.
The NSPCC want the next elected Parliament to:

*ensure that vital child protection reforms are fully implemented and resourced, following the death of Baby Peter and other child deaths since

*continue to fund helpline services for children, and for adults concerned about a child’s safety or welfare

*tackle domestic violence from a child’s point of view

*make the internet safer for children

*strengthen the role of the Children’s Commissioner in England

*provide resources for therapeutic services for children who have experienced abuse

The NSPCC has created a campaign website –

Tributes as French Resistance Agent Rose dies at 105 | Bristol News

Tributes as French Resistance Agent Rose dies at 105 Bristol News

What a woman. What a life. We have a lot to do to live up to the example set by this generation!!