Monday, October 20, 2008

Wildlife reserve for Aston Vale!! Sign the petition!

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Many thanks to Trisha and Co for updating myself and other greens about what happened in Ashton Vale (see post below) without the proper permissions and what some of the campaign ideas are. The positive aspect was seeing the great photographic, video and written records of the area that have been put together and how the community has come together with a real spirit and great ideas well worth supporting (you can sign the e-petition calling for a wildlife reserve for Ashton Vale here and locals are in the process of setting up a campaign website here). It was really very depressing to see the damaged land up close though. The ripping up of hundreds of metres of hedgerow here was an act of wanton vandalism and I hope that Bristol City Council prosecutes those responsible (though I'm not holding my breath!). The establishment of a nature reserve in the area would help to make up for the damage caused as well as providing a small green barrier between existing homes and what is likely to be an area where a lot of development will happen. Will the landowner, Bristol City Chairman Steve Lansdown, help to establish a protected habitat for wildlife like robins given that his ''s nickname is "The Robins", and a robin featured on the club's badge from 1976 to 1994' (wiki). Is this too much to ask for?