Wednesday, June 15, 2011

On: Bristol's unfair handling of a town green application and 'ignorance and stupidity' from senior council officers

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Blistering - and correct - attack by the Bristol Blogger here on the [un]fairness with which Bristol City Council officers and councillors are dealing with the Ashton Vale Town Green application process. The phrase 'judge and jury' is certainly apt, as are the words - council: bias; prejudice; skewing; fixing; partiality; preference; unfairness; favoritism; predisposition; preconception; injustice; one-sidedness...

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the sheer scale of the ignorance and stupidity that characterises Bristol City Council’s ruling senior officer clique. In their latest wheeze we find some effete little public sector accountant has awarded themselves the powers of an expert lawyer!

The publication of the report on the Application to Register Land at Ashton Vale as a Village Green for the council’s Public Rights of Way and Greens (PROWG) Committee to consider on Thursday finds the Council House’s chief bean counter, Will Godfrey in this new starring role as judge and jury.

The crucial part of this report into whether greenbelt land in south Bristol should be made a Town Green – as an experienced and qualified barrister advises – or whether the city’s wealthiest man should be allowed to build his football stadium...

...At the very least, surely this compelling so-called “new evidence” needs to go back before a legally qualified inspector and be tested under cross examination before Godfrey forms a view to present to the PROWG committee?