Friday, February 20, 2009

Cowculating the impacts of council-run herd

Received this online invitation to comment on todays Post story that 'Bristol City Council wants to run its own herd of cows to provide beef for the city's schools and posh restaurants....'

'Don't cows produce lots of pesky methane? You know, that 'greenhouse gas', 20 times more potent than CO2, responsible for all that anthropomorphic (bovomorphic?) global warming? Hardly very responsible, is it guys? What do you think, Glenn Vowles? '(Mark, Scrabble Champion...)

Still working out the figures on my cowculator Mark! Moooo-re on this later perhaps.

Bring rail fares into line with those on the continent

The Post today reports that, 'Train fares in Britain cost at least 50 per cent more than on the Continent because of the way they are subsidised.

In France and Germany, the cost of rail services is regarded in the same way as roads – the cost falls mostly on the taxpayer.

But in Britain, there is a general principle that rail passengers should foot the bill for our trains.'

The Labour Govt are content with the highest rail fares in Europe. The Conservatives presided over very high rail fares last time they were in power. The Liberal Democrats Norman Baker called for a rail fare freeze - at what is currently the highest level in Europe!!

We need much better than this to get a decent, more affordable rail service.

The Greens have committed to spending the £500m a year necessary to bring UK rail fares in line with those on the continent. This is completely affordable given that we spend three times this on road building, widening and so on!

£500m more for rail is money very well spent for me!