Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mass incineration of waste for Bristol? Its living in the past.

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The decision by a council committee yesterday to debate Bristol’s waste strategy more fully is most welcome. I was one of several people/groups who put in a statement to the committee. Those who feel incinerating waste is a good idea are living in the past.

Its vitally important to get decisions on waste right as the consequences, financially and environmentally, will last for several decades. Deciding in haste to build a mass incinerator would be a very backward step – it would demand to be fed with many thousands of tonnes of waste for several decades and is by far the worst option in terms of its very high contribution to climate change.

Bristol’s Labour administration have reacted to the decision for more debate not with rational comment but with the scare tactic that we may lose out on money because of ‘delay’ (‘Waste plan delay could cost £200m’, Bristol Evening Post, 30 July). Its not delay its democracy and concern not to land Bristol with a bad deal.