Tuesday, September 02, 2008

No to merging Ilminster and Connaught Schools; reject the approach of the Primary School Review

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Two very clear and strong reasons why I am vigorously opposed to the merger of Ilminster School, where I went, and Connaught School, where my mum went, in Knowle/Knowle West and have from the beginning been opposed to the whole approach, creating fewer and bigger schools outlined in the current Primary School review being done by Bristol City Council. First, the letter above from today's Bristol Evening Post ' Why smaller schools are better', written by Gil Osman, which outlines why, educationally and socially, smaller schools are better.
Second, this story from the same paper on the same day 'Failing Bristol schools should be closed' which begins, 'A Government official has recommended Bristol City Council closes all its poor-performing primary schools.' This is an apalling and outrageous statement from a remote and anonymous official - what does this person really know about the needs and wishes of the local children, their families and communities and of the schools and their employees?? How is this approach supposed to motivate and support those teaching and those taught? The story goes on to illustrate well just how tightly central govt controls and directs what councils can do by attaching strict criteria to be met when applying for govt money. We need to stand up for local democracy and local communities and oppose diktats.

Green space flog off: so it goes...

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Great post over on the Green Bristol Blog about the flogging off of strips green land next to/on the Bristol to Bath Railway Path. Further commented upon on the Bristol Blogger site. I dont trust the city council one bit with the future of city green spaces.