Sunday, June 01, 2008

Rational debate on city's waste issue??

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Looks like a case of the pot calling the kettle black for Councillor Judith Price Labour's Bristol City Cabinet member for Homes and Streetscene. In her letter ('Clarifying the 'clarification' on waste debate', Post 31 May) she called for '...a practical, non-political approach tempered with cold reason and logic to come up with the best solution...' for dealing with Bristol's waste mountain.

However, elsewhere in her letter she offers up very personal criticism of Lib Dem Councillor Gary Hopkins, to whom she was replying, by stating 'he always knows best' and later that 'he sneers' and that 'his side of the debate is fuelled by emotional hot air'. These observations may or may not be true but they are certainly not the kind of debate her own letter calls for!

Much of the rest of her letter is in fact very party political - who did what and when stuff, intent on laying blame with the opposition and deflecting it from Labour. So much for the rational approach that 'is needed'! Little wonder that debates on key issues often become poor when such insult and naked party-politics are brought into play.

I note that no-one from the council has chosen to reply to my, rational, contribution to the waste debate published in the Post recently (adapted from this blog post). In it I made a, rational, case for opposing mass incineration, pointing out that incineration with energy recovery is a mere fourth out of five in the waste management hierarchy. I asked why in these so-called green times government and council have not worked more effectively together on the top three priorities: waste avoidance/reduction; reuse; and recycling. If we dont address the waste issue correctly, focussing on the top priorities first, we will not build a green city and country. Will Councillor Price oblige me with a reply??