Monday, April 19, 2010

Rosso - Verde: Defend East Bristol Community Adult Education.

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Rosso - Verde: Defend East Bristol Community Adult Education.

Defend East Bristol Community Adult Education. This is about the imminent cuts to the courses that are run in the community; for those who are learning English, for those who have left school without qualifications and now feel ready to try again and maybe prepare themselves for further education and a new career, for those with learning difficulties who benefit from courses that are close and sociable. For many of these people the travel to Bristol City College and accessing the courses there is daunting, expensive and just not appropriate to their circumstances and other responsibilites.

The closure of these local classes is a real loss to them and to the whole community.
Students, teachers and others in the campaign have so far held meetings of over 100 people, lobbied the Council outside and in the council chamber and are now organising a march. See below. Please publicise and support.

Defend Adult Community Education in East Bristol Saturday 24 March
Assemble 11.30 at the Beacon Centre by the City Academy, Russell Town Avenue BS5
(near Lawrence Hill and the bottom of Church Road)
to march into town via Lawrence Hill and Old Market, round Broadmead and to Castle Park
for music, food and speeches.

E mail or join the FacebookGroup: Defend East Bristol Community Education.
Please bring banners, placards, whistles etc.

No Clegg 'bounce' here - on policies!!

Green Party policies are still by far the most popular in this 'blind' online test. I reported on this policy test after 91,000 votes had been cast but before the first 'leaders debate' and the Greens then had a very clear lead. Now, after nearly 141,000 votes and after the first 'leaders debate' and despite the Clegg/Lib Dem bounce up in the polls, Greens still have almost a ten point lead (see screenshot, click to enlarge).

Affordable homes, safe and sustainable communities

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I'm very happy to agree to this National Housing Federation pledge (email sent today). 'I pledge to back the building of more affordable homes and to work towards all constituents having access to decent, affordable housing in safe and sustainable communities.'

Green Party policy on housing is to: build a new generation of quality council homes; support the development of housing co-ops; bring back into use Britain's 300,000 long-term empty private sector homes; renovate Britain's 37,000 empty council homes to help cut waiting lists; give social housing tenants greater control over the management of their homes and neighbourhoods; improve the quality of housing stock to help reduce household bills; help people at risk of repossession keep their homes via a Right to Rent scheme. Further policy details here.