Thursday, January 03, 2008

Expand, expand, expand = policy on airports

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News from Greens in the South West further illustrating the hypocrisy of warm words on fighting climate change not matched by action. With proposals to expand many airports here (Bristol, Staverton (Glos), Hurn (Bournemouth), Exeter, Plymouth, and Newquay - not that many then !!) region-wide campaign events may well be the order of the day for 2008. All the expansions proposed have campaigns against them. Those interested should look over the South West Air Action Group website which has just started up (opportunities to information share, discuss issues, coordinate and plan actions).

Those who've caused most should do most to sort it out

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This is a great On the level posting. The per capita cumulative emissions graph is a very, very telling. Those who indusrialised earliest, fastest and most heavily have the biggest share of the responsibility for causing climate change and should do most to help sort it out.