Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Voting Green: my ten reasons

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1. Voting in another Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative person means supporting the status quo, politics as usual, big party domination or sometimes one party monopoly. Greens improve fairness, democracy and accountability, challenging the political status quo.

2. Fresh, innovative thinking and action is being initiated all over the country and further afield by hundreds of Greens elected as Members of the Westminster and European Parliaments, Members of the Scottish Parliament, London Assembly Members, and Councillors such as the large groups in Brighton and Norwich.

3. Greens are widely recognised for environmental leadership. Economic and social systems exist within the environment and are dependent upon it and Greens – being joined up thinkers – address all issues AND how they interrelate. This is essential if we are to solve problems, take opportunities, build equality and secure our wellbeing.

4. Greens work for strong local economies, keeping wealth circulating within communities, creating secure and stable jobs locally. This promotes wellbeing, fairness, self-reliance and sustainability, through greater local production, improved energy and food security. Greens believe small is beautiful and actively support small, locally owned businesses, local exchange and trading schemes and credit unions.

5. Local services and facilities of all kinds - health facilities, old folks homes, schools, libraries, swimming pools, buses and trains, pubs, corner shops, the local high street...should be maintained and enhanced not threatened and cut.

6. Green commitment to road traffic reduction is high. Traffic congestion causes multiple problems, especially in cities like Bristol – and yet the big parties have neglected to give transport the attention and investment it has long needed. Greens will enable people to access local jobs and facilities close to where they live and promote walking and cycling. They will invest in convenient, affordable, accessible and expanded public transport.

7. Greens believe health, wellbeing and equality should be the measure of progress in society. Public health issues are thus a high priority for Greens and above all favour the prevention of ill-health and the promotion of good health.

8. On environmental issues Greens are several decades ahead. They continue to lead the way: illustrating the interdependence of our economy and society with the environment.

9. Greens work to maximise efficiency, whether energy, water, transport use or other resources. It’s why they would insulate all homes free of charge - warming your homes, saving you money, efficiently and rapidly cutting fuel use and carbon emissions, creating thousands of local jobs.

10. The Green plan for rebuilding the economy - the Green New Deal – is a £45 billion investment to create 1 million jobs. It will begin to build a fair, sustainable economy and society by redesigning the financial system so that it serves the ‘real' economy and local communities.


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Very striking quote from an HSBC cleaner on the Living Wage website 'We share the same offcie but we live in different worlds'. Support the Living Wage concept and campaign!


YouTube - Stephen Fry on why you should vote YES on the 5th May

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The current voting system is not fit for purpose. AV gives voters more power. AV gives people real choice. The opportunity for change is now here - dont waste it. AV is an upgrade to our voting system. AV means your vote will always count. Ranking those candidates you are willing to vote for in order of preference is straightforward. MPs would have to get more people on their side and to do so would have to work harder and appeal broadly. MPs would then have to keep broad opinion and the national interest in mind - or they could lose broad voter support. AV is fairer.

YouTube - Stephen Fry on why you should vote YES on the 5th May

Discrediting Britain | Red Pepper

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Nick Dearden explains how the Export Credits Guarantee Department puts corporate profits above human rights

...Vince Cable is now in charge of the ECGD, answerable as it is to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. To date, little has been announced by way of reform.
The ECGD exists to support British exports by providing them with a sort of insurance. It normally supports large companies involved in big projects in the developing world. Over the past 10 years, support for fossil fuels, arms sales and aerospace has accounted for around 75 per cent of its work. Last year one single company, Airbus, received 89 per cent of ECGD support...

Discrediting Britain Red Pepper

Green Reading: End Of Allotments From The 'Greenest Govt Ever'

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Oh dear, yet another setback from the government that told us it would be the 'greenest ever'. Selling of allotments is a new low. The Government that:
plans to scrap green laws
forest sell off, u turn, then u turn again,
rejects sustainable transport plan,
failure of carbon plan,
redefine zero energy homes and many more.

The government puts up for sale 300,000 allotments. Plot-holders are up in arms over the plans to scrap historic right to council land. The century-old right of people to demand an allotment from their council may be abolished by the Government under plans to scale back red tape...

Green Reading: End Of Allotments From The 'Greenest Govt Ever'

11 reasons to vote Yes on Thursday | GreenFeed (beta2)

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11 reasons to vote Yes on Thursday GreenFeed (beta2)

The Daily (Maybe): Congratulations to Elizabeth May, Canada's first Green MP

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Elizabeth May, the leader of the Canadian Greens has won their first ever Parliamentary seat defeating a long-standing cabinet minister.
Having run an innovative campaign, including a series of attack ads against attack ads, and running a ruthlessly targeted strategy. May won an incredible 47% of the vote beating her opponent by a full 13%...

The Daily (Maybe): Congratulations to Elizabeth May, Canada's first Green MP