Saturday, September 04, 2010

Valuing our Parks and Green Spaces | Green Spaces

Valuing our Parks and Green Spaces Green Spaces

Given the determination of Bristol City Council to flog off large amounts of our green spaces to developers people may be interested the longstanding and continuing opposition of Bristol Green Party to this sell-off. No other political party takes this stand. This policy (click on link above), which I co-wrote with Pete Goodwin, details why we need to genuinely value all our parks and green spaces. Green spaces have long been listed by both locals and visitors as in their top three 'best things about Bristol'.

Incinerator fight goes on

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The planning system is irrational, unfair and undemocratic in my experience. The power most definitely lies most with developers, planning officers and associated legal advisors, who also have good access to each other. Councillors and especially local individuals and communites have restricted influence - decent information and opportunities to fully participate on an equal footing dont exist. Even when councils clearly take a stand they find it very hard to stop unwanted development...

A COMPANY is fighting Bristol City Council's decision to stop it building a £200 million incinerator at Avonmouth.

Viridor has appealed against councillors' refusal in June to allow the plans for the Severn Road site – a decision which was made against the recommendation of planning officers who analysed the application.

A planning inquiry must now be held to decide if the waste management company can build the incinerator and associated "resource recovery centre", which would handle up to 500,000 tonnes of rubbish a year and accept waste from Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Somerset.

It is the second public inquiry the city council will face in the space of three months after W4B, the would-be operators of a £70 million biofuel plant also planned for Avonmouth, took their application to an inspector last month...