Thursday, May 31, 2012

Businessman Mayor ?

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A BRISTOL businessman is the latest candidate to put himself forward in the race to become the city's first elected mayor. Andy Thorne, managing director of Thorne Security, the long-established locksmith and security firm...(full story)

Businessman Mr Thorne talks about waste, taxpayers money, effciency and how Bristol is not developing because planning gets in the way. This is clearly a right of centre agenda, though what he says is very light indeed on indicating any clear policies. He does not talk about education, transport, social services, housing, environmental quality etc as priorities, which perhaps tells a story.

Not sure what Mr Thorne would make of it but I've just sent in this suggestion for adding to the Manifesto for Bristol....Surely the manifesto needs to say something about sustainability? How about including this, which attempts a reasonably complete and operational definition of sustainability, in the vision: Develop a city that: respects environmental limits; builds strong, resilient local communities; meets city needs now and in the future; has a focus on both local and global fairness and equality; strives for ever greater resource efficiency; replaces finite resource use with well managed renewable resources; uses health, wellbeing and quality of life as the indicator of progress; works through an evidence-based, reasoned, systems-thinking approach.