Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Academy in Hengrove: Parents and kids should come before religious influence

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I am opposed to the setting up of Academies such as the one Oasis Trust is involved in setting up in Hengrove, where many Knowle parents send their kids to school, and am thus in substantial agreement with Phil Jones from Knowle ('A case of indoctrination or moral guidance?', Open Lines letter, Bristol Evening Post, January 10).

Schools should be set up and governed in the interests of children and parents and not private individuals, businessess or religions (as in the case of the evangelical Christian Oasis Trust). Academies are not a genuine solution to todays education issues.

Very poor consultation, failing communication, accelerating opening/closing plans, the lack of experience of running schools of Oasis Trust and very strange council decisions concerning local primary education just make the situation even worse. I just hope that, whatever happens here, local children are provided with good general schooling.