Wednesday, November 05, 2008

An audience with Tony Benn, political signpost not weathercock

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Went to see Tony Benn speaking at the Bristol Colston Hall last night with my partner and daughter. The audience amounted to several hundred people. It was thoroughly enjoyable for each of us. He was open, honest and a great story teller. His relaxed humour was entertaining and ideas as thought-provoking and relevant as ever. He gave a 30 min or so presentation - covering big moral and political issues like war and peace, movements for justice and environment, the pace of technological change, how issues of human and social relationships were the same as ever... and then took questions from the audience on a very wide range of subjects for over 90 minutes.

They dont seem to make politicians like him - a political signpost as opposed to a weathercock - these days. I've always found him an inspiration and as I've said before he is part responsible for initiating my involvement in politics via CND. I dont agree with all his policy stances but find I have a lot of common ground with many of the basic principles he espouses and I love his radical, freethinking and clear approach.