Sunday, January 30, 2011

BBC News - Andrew Lansley plays down risks of his NHS changes

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Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has admitted there is "risk" involved in his English NHS shake-up...No s**t Sherlock...but says there is a greater risk from doing nothing...but no-one is arguing for doing nothing and what he plans is a massive change forced from the centre with far too much haste and no democracy, that will result in huge private sector involvements and so a change in motivations.

He said spending was set to rise...really? isn't the NHS budget at a virtual standstill that will be wiped out and become a cut due to rising drug and technology costs plus the impact of an ageing population? but the Labour years had shown that spending more money "isn't the answer"., no, no...doing nothing but spending more money would not be the answer - we need bottom-up, agreed reforms not privatisation, decent health spending not the Coalition cuts!

BBC News - Andrew Lansley plays down risks of his NHS changes

All Out: Brenda Namigadde

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Dear Friend, I just signed an urgent petition to support Brenda Namigadde, a young Ugandan lesbian who is scheduled to be deported from the UK and sent back to the life-threatening persecution she fled from eight years ago.

More than 50,000 people in 160 countries have successfully pressured the High Court into granting her a temporary reprieve, but we need to keep the pressure on to make sure she wins her appeal.

Will you join me and sign this urgent petition right away to stop Brenda's removal -- it could very well save her life: