Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mandelson, Myners, more of the same madness...

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When needing to get out of a hole stop digging! Peter Mandelson is one of the key architects of the last eleven years of New Labour Government along with Blair and Brown. Look at where their shaping of the UK economy and their contribution to the global economy has brought us! Mandelson is an expert in how to dig holes like the one we are in! He's not the man to turn to to help get us out and has not been elected by anyone for some time (its not yet been made clear how he will be made accountable).

Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas MEP put Mandelson's return to Government this way,

"If there was ever a time to put the high priest of corporate globalisation in charge of regulating our wayward economy, this isn't it. You might as well get Al Capone to run a young offenders institution.'

"As EU trade commissioner, Mandelson has bullied his way through countless developing countries, demanding the sell-off of public services and trade rules for corporate convenience instead of public protection. Is that really what we want for the UK economy too?"

Its a similar 'hole digging' as opposed to getting us out of a hole story for Paul Myners. He has never been elected and according to the Bristol Blogger was 'a director of GLG a £25bn hedge fund responsible for the kind of short selling that the Labour government is now blaming...for their financial crisis.' In spite of this Myners 'was appointed Minister for the City of the Goverment of the United Kingdom in October 2008, when it was announced he would be elevated to the peerage. He was chairman of the Guardian Media Group, publisher of The Guardian and The Observer newspapers, and chairman of Land Securities Group. He is a former Chairman of Marks & Spencer and Deputy Chair of PowerGen. He holds a number of third sector posts, including Chair of the Trustees of the Tate gallery and Chair of the The Low Pay Commission.' (wiki).

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