Wednesday, April 27, 2011

'Safely' closing Oldbury nuclear power station costs £954m

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Nearly a billion quid to close the damn thing. Taking decades, during which it produces no power whatsoever. Leaving a legacy of nuclear waste for many, many future generations. It always has been a joke to refer to nuclear as cheap, clean and green - the figures speak for themselves. It would be irrational to build more.

THE cost of decommissioning Oldbury Nuclear Power Station has been set at £954 million, latest figures have shown.

A revised document just published by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) gives the estimated sum for taking the plant out of action and clearing the site once it stops generating electricity.

But it will take about 90 years to achieve the "final end" status.

Oldbury is the oldest operating nuclear power reactor in the world, having started producing power in 1967. It has already exceeded its expected generating life by a couple of years and one of its two reactors will close down for good this summer...

What would I be like as a councillor for Knowle?

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**A councillor for Knowle, brought up and living in Knowle, ready and available to respond to local issues

A councillor who will challenge corrupt politics as usual institutions, decision making processes and politicians

A councillor who will fight for: respect for our environment; stronger local communities; meeting needs now and in the future; local and global fairness; efficiency; renewability; health, wellbeing and quality of life

A councillor who is independent minded and doesn't have to vote the way party whips tell him

A councillor who's prepared to stand down if that's what the electorate wants

A councillor who can look beyond ward and city boundaries - thinking globally and acting locally

A councillor who'll champion vulnerable minorities and work for a fairer, more equal city

A councillor who'll help enable Bristol's transition into a low-carbon, low waste, sustainable city

A councillor who'll do all he can to protect our common assets.

**click image to enlarge and see details of all the candidates standing in Knowle in 2011.