Thursday, October 09, 2008

Petition supporting ultra light rail

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Ultra light rail is a smart, highly efficient technology - please sign this petition in support of its use in Bristol:

The petitioners request that Bristol City Council supports an ultra light tram Rapid Transit system. We oppose the current bus Rapid Transit proposal, the South Bristol Ring Road and the urban extensions, which they both are designed to serve.

Dont panic/We're doomed (?)

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Who is now looking over the horizon to see what's coming next and preparing appropriately for it? I've read an awful lot about the urgent action taken to protect banking because of the credit crunch but these are uncertain economic times because of high fuel and food prices, climate change impacts and massive rates of increase in resource consumption in fast growing economies. No better time than now to produce plans to put our economy (and the world economy) on a genuinely secure, stable and sustainable footing. Where is this planning ahead?? Isn't the lack of planning ahead for security, stability and sustainability part of the reason for the current economic chaos?

The BBC reports that, 'The government has announced a £50bn ($88bn) package to prop up eight of the largest banks and building societies. In return, the government would receive shares in those institutions.

A further £200bn would be made available by the Bank of England to provide the banking system with much-needed liquidity.

A special company will also be set up to provide up to £250bn in loan guarantees to banks and building societies.

The announcement came after UK banking shares plunged on 7 October and the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) warned that Britain was already in a recession which could see unemployment rise by 350,000 by next year.

Will economic rescue packages like this (and the one in the US) work? It's basically a case of 'dont panic' and wait and see according to what I've heard. Its far from planning ahead and putting the economy on a sustainable footing eg by massively boosting energy and food security!

The BBC also reported this recently, 'The UK should cut its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050, according to a panel set up by the government to advise on climate change.

It says that the target should cover all sectors of the economy, including emissions from planes and ships.'