Working for

This blog/blogger is working for the the following, as they make a particularly good contribution towards building a sustainable society in a sustainable world:

  • far better, cheaper, more extensive public transport;
  • much better cycling and pedestrian provision;
  • protecting, enhancing and if possible increasing open, green, natural spaces;
  • the retention and improvement of locally available facilities, services, and jobs;
  • biodiversity enhancing developments;
  • education for sustainable living;
  • innovative low/zero carbon and low/zero waste systems and designs;
  • local energy saving and the micro-generation of energy;
  • waste avoidance, reuse and recycling;
  • more local, ethical and organic food availability;
  • home and allotment grown food;
  • higher land, air, water and environmental quality;
  • people taking personal responsibility to be more environmentally-friendly;
  • inclusive, informed, genuine public participation in community life;
  • open, accountable, ethical attitudes and policies;
  • broad-based measures of progress - social, economic and environmental.

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