Monday, October 05, 2009

Voters are entitled to their MPs views on local issues

On Parliament’s own website it says this, amongst other things, about the role of those elected ‘MPs can help their constituents by advising on problems…, representing the concerns of their constituents…and acting as a figurehead for the local area.’

Bristol South MP Dawn Primarolo has ‘refused to be drawn’ on whether she is for or against plans to build a huge Tesco on BCFCs Ashton Gate ground (‘City faces ‘tough choices’ for housing’, Post October 3). She is not in this instance doing the job for which she is paid a great deal. What is her advice? Where is her leadership? Where is her conviction? Aren't voters entitled to their MPs views on local issues?

No matter which side she came down on I for one would have more time and respect for her as an MP if she took a clear stance. She has steadfastly avoided this, concentrating instead on minimising the impact of the contention on her prospects for re-election – another instance of an MP putting self-interest first.