Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Which land would be flogged off - city council should come clean

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Great post by the Bristol Blogger on the fact that green space and parkland worth £200 million will indeed be flogged off for development if they get their way. The council should come clean on which land would be sold. I've commented on the Blogger post as below:

You’ll be interested to know that the council’s website would not accept my e-petition (see below) with the the figures ‘200 acres’ and ‘poss 400 acres’ of land to be flogged. Neither would they allow me to use the phrase ‘flog green space on a mass scale’. They said these were factually incorrect and misleading, so I had to redraft slightly before gaining approval…
Please sign up and spread the word to others to sign.

What a great local and e-democracy we have (NOT!). My view is that I had not used any insulting or illegal language in my original e-petition draft, which was clearly written and presented, and that what constitutes 'mass scale' is a matter of opinion. Is it not up to people to decide on the value and accuracy of a petition when they are considering signing?