Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Barrage: more reports needed after has been completed

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This story is a great illustration of why huge civil engineering projects like the Severn Barrage can probably never be an effective and efficient way to tackle climate change or our energy security needs (Barrage - 'we need yet more research', Bristol Evening Post, 23 Jan 08). They are extremely expensive, complex, and time-consuming - and the expenditure of money and time begins with the compilation of report after report, after report...which in the end may lead us, at great expense, nowhere, as it has in the past. Why aren't we focussing in big-time on the most cost-effective and prompt option - energy efficiency and conservation - since the waste of energy is currently even worse than the waste of water through leaks and poor habits!!

Cadbury's blatant 'greenwash' and 'greenspeak'

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Blatant 'greenwash' and 'greenspeak' from Cadbury's by signing up to find where the carbon emissions are in their supply chain (see 'Cadbury is not green - its ghastly, says union', Bristol Evening Post, 23 Jan 08). WE ALL KNOW what's about to happen to their emissions and where! They are about to hugely increase them by closing the Keynsham factory and shifting production to Poland, only to ship chocolate back here to be sold to our large market. Dont buy the stuff!!

Sadly for us all, business and political leaders 'greenspeak' and 'greenwash' is about par for the course these days (and has been for yrs) - give the impression of concern and action but in reality its mostly business as usual.

Developers and their political friends are living in the past by favouring carbon-intensive plans

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Developers and their political friends are still living in the past (see: Green belt plan will 'help airport grow', Bristol Evening Post, 23 Jan). Best science tells us that it is very bad for our society and economy to continue with carbon-intensive developments like airport expansion. Developing greenbelt and expanding the Bristol Airport is a double whammy because it both cuts the land's ability to absorb pollution as well as emitting more pollution into the air. Have they not seen the cuts basics like power and safe water supplies in the region caused by recent floods, made more frequent by climate change? And all the associated loss of business and family/community distress?

The police deserve a fair pay deal and a fair mechanism for deciding on future pay

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Just heard on The Daily Politics show that 18,000 police are marching in London today for a fair pay deal (and that they have been joined by former Bristol MP Tony Benn - he loves his marches!!!). Very impressive numbers, with feelings obviously being very strong indeed. The government has treated the police grossly unfairly this time and they deserve much better (the issue is outlined very clearly by local Chief Inspector Andy Bennett's Police Blog). Just compare the very small amount of money 'saved' by not backdating the police pay rise to the tens of billions being poured into the Northern Rock bank !! If the police in Scotland could be given the pay backdated then why not here??

More details on the police march here and here.