Tuesday, April 06, 2010

General Election

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Well, ‘we’re off’ in the general election ‘race’ as some would put it. Economy, economy, economy - obviously the top three issues! Current politicians have seriously messed up the economy, creating deep recession and being more interested in their rich banker, sporting and celebrity friends than people generally.

There is little difference between the big three parties and you will get no fundamental change from them – the status quo favours them so they protect it. They all plan cuts in public services, all claim to be able to find billions in ‘efficiency savings’ far beyond what is reasonable, and all see ‘growth’ as the solution. Health and wellbeing – the way we look after older people, educate our children, safeguard our community our jobs, our environment – should be the measure of progress.

Current politicians have failed to invest properly in building the stable, secure and sustainable economy that would enhance our health and wellbeing. I’m working to promote the Greens £45 billion plan ie serious investment in: local, safe, stable jobs; strengthening local communities; local bus and train services; efficiency and renewable energy; promoting good health; crime prevention; and quality of life. Prominent features of this plan are free insulation for all homes and free health and social care for the elderly.

Knitted in to our economic crisis is an inseparable political crisis. Current politicians have messed up the political system, setting it up to serve themselves and not the people. We need a whole series of radical democratic reforms, including giving voters real power to sack MPs between elections. This would monitor and give feedback on MP performance and enable people to get rid of those that are corrupt and not doing a good job. We need MPs who are independent-minded, free-thinking, strong characters to replace those who merely follow the party line. Lets hope the high turnover of MPs at this election results in a far better quality House of Commons.

Epetitioner: Aldi North St should reinstate plastic recycling bank

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Epetitioner - click here to sign up!!

Lead Petitioner: Charlie Bolton

Status: > collecting signatures

We the undersigned request that Aldi on North St reinstate the plastic recycling bank which they removed from their car park

Background Information
The plastic recycling bank at Aldi was well used. Most of the waste is produced by supermarket packaging. Aldi should take its responsibilities to the local community seriously and reinstate the bank.

Chris Grayling reveals the real Tories | Peter Tatchell | Comment is free | The Guardian

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Chris Grayling reveals the real Tories Peter Tatchell Comment is free The Guardian

By supporting homophobic discrimination by B&B owners, the shadow home secretary has shattered David Cameron's gay-friendly image

Power to the people (part 2)

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Just signed the POWER Pledge after receiving several of the emails copied below. I favour all the changes listed: introducing a proportional voting system; scrapping ID cards and rolling back the database state; replacing the House of Lords with a fully elected chamber (which I note my Lib Dem opponent in Bristol East does not want); allowing only English MPs to vote on English laws; drawing up a written constitution. They have been Green Party policy for some some. I'm also making a point of campaigning for voters to have the power to sack MPs between elections (recall system) - and am firmly comitted to a wide range of radical reforms of our democratic system (details).

>Dear Sir or Madam,
>I live in the constituency you wish to represent in Parliament. As a
>candidate in the election you are asking me to vote for you. But I would
>first like to know if you understand the need for real change at this
>election - or instead want to continue with politics as usual.
>Our political system is broken. It has failed its people and its purpose.
>But there is a way for you to show that you want change - by signing the
>POWER Pledge.
>POWER2010 ran the UK's largest ever democratic consultation. Tens of
>thousands of people were involved in identifying the people's priorities
>for cleaning up and reforming our politics - and over 100,000 votes were
>cast. The five most popular reforms became the POWER Pledge. These are:
>1. Introduce a proportional voting system
>2. Scrap ID cards and roll back the database state
>3. Replace the House of Lords with an elected chamber
>4. Allow only English MPs to vote on English laws
>5. Draw up a written constitution
>To sign the POWER Pledge you don't have to agree with all five reforms.
>All you have to do is back a majority of the ideas - and then join our
>call for a reforming Parliament that will act on them.
>If you support at least three of these ideas I urge you to click the link
>below to sign the POWER Pledge:
> http://www.power2010.org.uk/page/s/ppcpowerpledge
>If you sign the Pledge your name will be added to a list on the POWER2010
>website of PPCs who are willing to stand up for change.
>Thank you!