Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flog the green spaces of the poor, give the money to the rich?

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More on council plans to flog parks and green spaces in poorer areas - and raise money that could be spent in richer areas! Good for Clifton and Cabot that their green spaces wont be sold but in that case cant Hartcliffe, Southmead, Brislington, Stockwood etc be treated the same?

Not a single plot of land in either Cabot or Clifton has been put forward for sale, but they have one of the longest lists of parks that could be improved...

CASTLE Park in the city centre could be revamped as part of the green spaces plan, with a new footbridge crossing the River Avon.

Cuts threat to public order, public safety, public security

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Spending cuts on this scale, at this pace, and of this nature, threaten many aspects of public life - not least public order, safety and security...

BBC News - Spending Review: Police 'not ready for budget cuts'

A police watchdog says it has "real concern" whether police authorities can manage cuts in the Spending Review.
HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) said less than one in five of the bodies it examined were ready to help forces cut effectively.
The Home Office will cut police funding by 20% over four years, with chief constables warning of job losses...