Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Green Party Leader and Deputy Leader Election

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I've long argued that the Greens have needed a leader. Its a very strong signal that the Green Party intends to be much more focussed on, organised for and oriented towards its primary goals, that it will elect its very first Leader and Deputy Leader this Sept. Winning elections at all levels will be much more likely and will take the Green cause forward more than anything.

I cast my vote for Caroline Lucas MEP for Leader and Councillor Adrian Ramsay for Deputy Leader the other day and hope, as I think is very likely, that other Greens will do likewise. Caroline and Adrian have the skills, experience and broad appeal needed to take the Greens further and faster. Both are in a very strong position to become MPs at the next election, in Brighton and Norwich respectively (, another excellent reason to vote for them as Leader and Deputy.

Find out more about Caroline Lucas here and Adrian Ramsay here.