Blog Author: Glenn Vowles, from Knowle, Bristol, UK.

I'm working in my community for economic wellbeing, social justice and environmental protection, something I've done since the early 1980's. I'm an Open University Associate Lecturer in Environment, having previously been a science teacher and before that a research and development technologist in the polymer industry. I'm pleased to be an Associate Member of the Institute for Environmental Management and Assessment (AIEMA). I've founded a community sustainability group, campaigned as a green activist, contested many elections at local and national level, been a governor in two Bristol schools and worked closely with those aiming for a sustainable city in a sustainable world. I’m: a father and partner; a green; a rationalist; a secularist; a technologist; an academic; a controversialist; a naturalist and a pragmatist; and working continually to be open as to ideas, methods, people... I endeavour to write clearly and use plenty of examples, illustrations, links and evidence.

This blog is independent of all party politics, though its sympathies are green and non-conventional. It gives my perspective on sustainability, often in the context of cities and through issues that arise in my city, Bristol. My view is ecological, naturalistic and pragmatic. Posts relate to local, regional, national and global levels. My approach is rooted in a particular view of what our wealth really is – our environment and its people. It’s about how the social and economic emerge from and are dependent on the natural world we are a part of and how we can and can’t ensure a stable, secure future for all. It’s about getting to the root of problems, taking opportunities through joined up [systems] thinking. It’s about: who should/does make decisions, how and why; what being green really means and why we need to and have to build a green society – and why a green society is better for our wellbeing even if we don’t need to or have to build it. Frequent posts to date are on: topical sustainability issues in Bristol; being green; economics; climate change; environment; sustainability; democracy; health; community.

For my complete blogger profile click here. For my biography click here. If you want or need to get in touch you can email me here: g.r.vowles@open.ac.uk  or of course you can post a comment.

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