Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bristol East Parliamentary Candidate

Copy of press release issued today: The Green Party has chosen Glenn Vowles to contest the Bristol East seat in this year’s general election.

Glenn Vowles, 48, who teaches Environmental Decision Making and Environmental Studies with the Open University has been a general election candidate on two previous occasions. He is also their lead campaigner in Knowle where he has helped to triple the Green vote to over 15% in recent years. He contested the Eastville seat in the 2009 local elections, raising to green vote there to 14%. His Vowles the Green blog is very well known and he writes regularly in the local press.

"I’m very excited to be contesting this seat for the Greens. Our current politicians and the systems they have created are self-serving and inadequate. I think voters should empowered with the ability to recall, effectively sack, MPs who break rules. This has been a longstanding Green Party policy and there is no better time for it than now.”

"There is very little to choose between the ‘big three’ parties and voting for them will fundamentally change nothing " Vowles said.

"The Green Party is about thinking afresh about the kind of economy, society and politics that is ethical and can sustain us and future generations. "

“The Government has become pretty unpopular and this is likely to increase those voting Green in Bristol East.”

Following a review by the Boundary Commission, Easton and Lawrence Hill wards have been moved from Bristol East (to Bristol West) and the electoral wards that now make up the Bristol East constituency are Brislington East, Brislington West, Eastville, Frome Vale, Hillfields, St George East, St George West, Stockwood.

[Picture, top left, shows all prospective candidates so far confirmed: Kerry McCarthy, Labour, centre; and going clockwise from top left are Conservative Adeela Shafi; English Democrat Scott Wright; the Greens Glenn Vowles; Liberal Democrat Mike Popham]