Friday, April 29, 2011

Plot 6 promises were 'just spin' | News

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Hopes fade for a Temple Meads hub, as coalition 'fire sale' gets under way Bristol's greatest chance to transform the city's transport is being thrown away, says the city's Green Party.

A state of the art transport hub at Temple Meads looks set to fall victim to the coalition government's dogmatic sell-off of public assets, and the failure of successive city councils to take the project seriously...

Spokesman Peter Goodwin, of Stockwood, said:

"It looks like there was much more spin than substance in Cllr Hopkins claims about the chances of getting Plot 6. Neither he nor the Transport Minister can prevent the sale of the site. The truth is that little or nothing has been done by his officers to secure the site or even to work out what it might provide. It remains outside the official plans, even while extra money is being found to salvage cut-down projects like the bus rapid transits and the South Bristol Ring Road.

"If Bristol loses the Plot, the main parties on the council should be ashamed of themselves. For years, the council's had this gold-plated chance to turn the city's traffic problems around, making public transport attractive to far more people.

"They were told. They didn't listen. And now it's more than probable that they've blown the chance for good."

Plot 6 promises were 'just spin' News - further details and links here.