Saturday, August 25, 2007

Booze ban would enhance the quality of life

Alcohol consumption should be banned from Redcatch Park and areas near Broadwalk Shopping Centre in Knowle. Lib Dem Councillor Chris Davies proposal (‘Lets call time on boozing in the park’, Bristol Evening Post, August 22) is an excellent one that would enhance the quality of life locally.

On this occasion I also agree strongly with what RL Smith said in his letter supporting Cllr Davies idea (‘Police should support public-spirited initiative’, Bristol Evening Post letters, August 25). The comments from the police failing to wholeheartedly back the ban were, for me, a little feeble. Large benefits to the area would result from a ban compared to disbenefits that would be tiny, as statistics on the governments crime reduction website illustrate very well.

‘…40% of violent crime; 78% of assaults and 88% of criminal damage cases are committed while the offender is under the influence of alcohol.’

The website reports that 70% of people surveyed thought street drinking was a problem and 80% support a ban on drinking in some public areas. There could be ban enforcement problems but even so I don’t see why the police should be so hesitant here. These kind of problems require firm, rapid and decisive action.