Monday, June 30, 2008

Residents parking schemes: clear net benefits

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I've been contributing to the local online debate about the Bristol residents parking scheme - arguing in favour. Its been pretty lively on both the Bristol Blogger's and on Councillor Charlie Bolton's site, though I'm not so sure that the range of people taking part has gone that far beyond the usual suspects. Circumstances within Bristol eg the poor state of public transport and the nature of the scheme itself are not ideal, but my view is that there are still clear net benefits for neighbourhoods (see the council information leaflet here).

I'm interested to see that Knowle Councillor Gary Hopkins has spoken out against residents parking on the Bristol Blogger site, despite the environmental and safety gains which result. There are many factors in favour of residents parking, not least putting off commuters who currently are encouraged by the availability of parking to drive into the city, causing a wide range of problems: congestion; air pollution; stress; road safety issues; climate change; police/ambulance/fire service access problems; disability access issues, and more. All of which will have a bigger impact on the poorer and more vulnerable people than on the rich.

Any feedback on what I've said on this issue is most welcome of course.