Saturday, September 15, 2007

'Cut the Carbon' in Bristol

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I’m a very firm religious sceptic (thus the refs to humanism, rationalism and secularism in the right-hand column of this blog – under the heading Find out more about…) However, a good act is a good act and this one by a religious organisation is well worth supporting. Christian Aid‘s Cut the Carbon campaign is now in Bristol.

Christian Aid says the science shows that a cut in carbon emissions of 80% by 2050 is needed, as opposed to the government’s 60% target. They are calling for everyone, - individuals, government and business – to cut carbon emissions by 5% per yr.

A cut of 5% a yr on average around the globe would certainly make the world greener and more secure. However, the latest legislation from the government did not include the setting of annual reduction targets and over the ten yrs of Labour government carbon dioxide emissions have risen by approx 2%.

I’ve been measuring my household ecological footprint quite accurately since 1999. It was fairly low then (quite a bit less than average, and in the ‘green’ zone, according to the Ecocal computer model’s comparisons). Since 1999 my household footprint has been cut by approx a third (approx 4% a yr) – if its possible to achieve this sort of cut from a low base then 5% cuts are certainly practical where there is more waste, inefficiency and impact. It needs committment from people and leadership from government.

Details of Christian Aids Cut the Carbon campaign.