Monday, March 02, 2009

Gordon Brown in Bristol: Yet more words with no actions to match!!

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The PMs words:

Gordon Brown's speech at Filton College in Bristol on Saturday strongly emphasised the key importance of green development to get us out of recession. The new Labour policy document to accompany his speech calls for us '"to lead the world in building the low carbon society with a low carbon economy". Many economists are of course advocating a green economy as the best way out of our economic troubles.

The PMs actions:

Our country has to date invested only $2.1 bn (£1.5bn) in green economic stimulus, compared $7.2bn in France, $13.8bn in Germany and a massive $221.3bn in China! Just 6 per cent of Britain's stimulus packages is spent on such green developments as energy efficiency, renewable sources and public transport (its 13 per cent in Germany, 21 per cent in France, 38 per cent in China and 81 per cent in South Korea).The figures, published in the report 'A Climate for Recovery' a major study of green stimulii around the world by HSBC Bank show up Britain as seriously lagging behind other countries.


Gordon Brown's current behaviour of not matching his words with actions continues perfectly consistently. Whatever the colour of the Govt all we've had about building a green economy and society is warm words - that's why we are where we are now with entwined environmental and economic crisis.

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