Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Epetitioner: Save Our Swimming e-petition

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Epetitioner - Save our swimming

Status: collecting signatures - please sign it!!!

The new Tory Lib Dem Government has cut ALL free swimming for under 16s and over 60s in Bristol.Last year 177,000 under 16s and 79,000 over 60s swims took up the Labour government’s free fitness offer. There was a 400% increase in swims for older people and 27% increase for young people. Swimming has undisputed health benefits and gives confidence to young swimmers.The Labour government grant was £317,000. Lib Dem run Newcastle has saved their free swimming. Why can’t Bristol City Council find this money from other savings and save our free swimming?

Free swimming is a great preventive health care aproach, cutting the need to spend money on people who become ill!!

UK sustainability watchdog to be axed | Environment | The Guardian

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UK sustainability watchdog to be axed Environment The Guardian

...The plan to scrap the Sustainable Development Commission is – ironically – scheduled to be unveiled on the same day that the agency will release its annual report into green improvements to the government's operations. This lists tens of millions of pounds worth of savings from fuel costs, water, waste and other things. Many of the changes were prompted by advice from the SDC which has staff of around 60 and a budget of just under £3m...

So much for the Tories and Lib Dems being green and putting sustainability at the heart of governing the country - the claim always was rubbish and here is yet more evidence.