Friday, April 16, 2010

Green Party manifesto launch: some links

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*Election 2010 Peter Walker - Greens promise tax rise to boost public spending
"The best outcome for the party would be to hold significant bargaining power in a hung parliament, where any Green MPs would offer their support on a "case by case basis".

*Election 2010 John Vidal – Green Party’s radical new policies would be a boon to the new parliament
"The policy wonks in other parties should start taking them seriously."

*Manifesto dissection by way of annotated policy guide

*Slick launch – Election blog
"There are multiple camera crews and TV lights and constant, clicking shutters, and a manifesto document with graphic design that rivals Labour's and outshines the Tories'. There are several designer suits in evidence, and very little facial hair."

*The Green Party: A manifesto for a low key life – Michael White
"So it's a pleasure to read a document that starts off from the proposition that work should be satisfying, that life should be quieter and fairer, that quality time matters."
Also mention cloud of volcanic ash that threatened our media coverage, along with the UK skyline

*And a minute by minute blog:

*The Times
Green Party launches its business as usual alternative manifesto - Laura Dixon
"While environmental issues are still key — with pledges to invest heavily in public transport and nationalise the rail system — the party is also keen to also present itself as the party of social reform."

*Much BBC online coverage. Here are two items:
Greens pledge for a fair society
Manifesto watch: Green Party
"The fact that some of Fleet Street's finest had made the journey to the South Coast shows how seriously the party is being taken these days."

*Daily Telegraph Two articles with embedded video footage, focus of coverage on tax rises