Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fight for forests

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Forests: reasons to protect and conserve... beauty, morality, natural cycles, learning, health, wellbeing, needs, biodiverity, humanity.

Roads research?

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No need to be so tentative - experimenting like this is a great idea. We should be experimenting with ideas more.

CARS could be banned from some of Bristol's roads to make way for cyclists on one day each week, an MP has suggested.

Kerry McCarthy said the idea had come from the Colombian ambassador, whom she had met as part of her work as a shadow foreign minister....

Ms McCarthy stressed that if the idea was transferred to Bristol there would need to be extensive consultation with residents and businesses.

"In Columbia, where it happens, it is in the context that some people are very nervous about cycling in the city centre with all the traffic," she said.

"Perhaps the idea could be tried in Bristol as a bit of an experiment.

"I wasn't putting it forward as a formal proposal, but I thought it was something that was worth looking at.... (full story)