Thursday, August 30, 2012

Candidate questions

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Some interesting questions for elected Mayor of Bristol candidates have been posted in online comments on this Post story. Here's a selection of the best, sorted out from the silly, sarcastic, and more loaded ones...with the name of the contributors first:
·        Fishandchips  - “How will mayor candidates help to guide people to become confident, improve psychological access and strive to be successful in business or in their chosen subjects?”
·         Fishandchips  - “We need a leader who can work with people at every level. My question is how can they demonstrate this quality
·         green_man - “Will you resign, resulting in an election, if a sufficient proportion or number of Bristol's voters petition you to do so?”
·         BCFCfinker - “Will you do what's best for Bristol and not what's best for you?”
·         Kromax - “What will you do to bring employment to Bristol?
How will you open up south Bristol to employment opportunities?

Will you bring trams to Bristol? Will you bring an Arena to Bristol?

Will you bring secure parking for motorcycles/cycles to Bristol i.e. at Temple Meads/ in the centre?

Will you turn off traffic lights out of peak times or alter timing where appropriate?
·         Marshwalker99 - “What experience do you have of managing a complex operation which spends around £1.3 billion pounds a year