Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bristol biofuel station: appeal for letters/emails to government and planning inspectorate

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Guest blog post from Zenith Milner: In Bristol,last year, a biofuels power station was planned and many of us have been working to campaign on it. We have worked hard and got petitions ,press, BBC... have lobbied councillors,and MPs and had demos and more.

Now the application has gone to a public inquiry. The decision now is going to be in the hands of Eric Pickles,secretary of state for communities and local government [email address bottom of this blog entry]. Maybe you have been involved, maybe not.

But even at this stage there is something you can do which could make a difference.

The biofuels company,W4B said in the public inquiry that there was very little opposition.So,please,dont let them get away with it. Please write in and say you dont want the power station in Bristol or anywhere else.

Issues include:

Lack of consultation with the public at every stage of the application for planning permission

Biofuels are not the green alternative they were first thought to be,they are the opposite.

Palm oil is often used and it causes widespread rainforest destruction -a holocaust where orang utans are shot their,babies are orphaned and injured; animals are burnt alive in their thousands as forest is cleaered by burning.Orangutans and,sumatran tigers face extinction as do many more species.

The Indigenous forest peoples are violently displaced from their land with homes and livelihoods ripped away from them.

Farmers are deceived into growing plants for biofuels and left with now way to feed themselves.

Shockingly,biofuels plunge millions more into hunger-an extra ten million in 2008.
No wonder Zeigler in the UN called them a " crime against humanity. "

Insanely the goverment massively subsidizes these power staions in a faulty opinion that they lower climate gas emmisssions, but the opposite is true.In fact along the whole life span of the biofuels, there are more emmissions than even fossil fuels.

The power stations would cause pollution in the locations in Britain they are planned for causing respiratory and heart disease ezcema and even infant mortality.THey are often planned for relatively deprived areas where people cant fight back so easily.

Truly green alternatives do exist;solar, wind,wave and tidal. Good insulation schemes would provide jobs as well as reducing consumption and carbon footprint.

For all these reasons and more,

Please write even a paragraph of an email [or letter, to the email/postal addresses below] to show that you do care, and prove the biofuels company wrong. And please encourage your friends etc to write too.

Many thanks
Zenith Milner

Ps I am intending to got to the Animals Rights Summer Gathering this weekend and give a workshop.about this issue. Do come along to find out more. Hope to see you there.

*Emails to

*Letters to:
The Planning Inspectorate
Room 4/02
Temple Quay House
2 The Square

*Appeal no. APP/Z0116/A/10/2126342/NWF

*Rt Hon Chris Huhne MP, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

*Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Govt

   Stockwood Pete: Good News from First (honest!)

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Stockwood Pete: Good News from First (honest!)

The new 54 timetable, now in force, shows a later last bus home to Stockwood on a Sunday night - leaving the Centre at 11.19. That brings it into line with the rest of the week. What's more, the journey isn't being subsidised by the council.

Last buses are generally well patronised, but most are still subsidised - you have to wonder why.....

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