Monday, March 19, 2012

Greenest government?

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Govt have clearly gone over the top with their greenwash and greenspeak. Just 2% of the UK public believe they live under the "greenest government ever", according to an opinion poll.

And only 4% want to see laws protecting the countryside weakened, as the government is expected to do this week.

Prime Minister David Cameron pledged to lead the "greenest government ever" on taking office in 2010.

Critics say that recent decisions on climate change, forests, badger culling, urban pollution and nature protection have undermined the claim...(more)

Mind you the real situation is much worse than the public think - 53% of people say the government is about average on green issues and 10% say it is greener than average. In fact its not green at all - its taking us in a direction opposite to a green one and we are missing out on building a healthier, economically stable, more energy secure and more food secure future as a result.