Monday, June 16, 2008

Wildlife-rich Malago Greenway

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Just one piece of evidence (below) showing just how rich in wildlife the Malago Greenway is (its biodiversity is threatened by a possible Bus Rapid Transit route - see 'Bristol Green Route Under Threat', Bristol Evening Post, 6 June). This was posted on by Kingfisher Group campaigner Nixie James-Scott (send an email to: to join the group and get updates):

I have found and copied the information about the sightings of
the extremely rare Firecrests earlier this year down by the Malago
Greenway behind Cotswold Road. This was on the Rare Bird Alert
website. I myself sat with a pair of them in the garden not more than
a metre away from me watching them dart about in our grape vine.
Others from the Kingfisher group have seen them too. I am going to put
a message on the RBA website to see if any of the birdwatchers who
came to see the Firecrests could send us any of their 'photos. They
also spotted Lesser Redpolls. We have an amazing plethora of birdlife
here including blackcaps, goldfinches, greenfinches, chaffinches, long
tailed tits, blue and great tits also coal tits. We have blackbirds,
wrens, occasional thrushes, house and hedge sparrows, wood pigeons,
collar doves, magpies and crows. Also Mallards and coots nesting on
the banks of the Malago. I'm sure to have missed some out. Then there
are the bats, pipistrelles I think, an amazing variety of moths and
butterflies. Holly Blues and a hawk moth a couple of years ago.
occasionally spotted Kingfishers too of course!
Just thought I'd mention the amazing range of wildlife which would be
made homeless if the area is paved over!
Please let us know of any other (animal!) wildlife you have seen in
the area, ah yes then the foxes...........

Lets hope any BRT route can avoid this rich green space. Previous post on this issue here. New campaign website is