Monday, March 01, 2010

CTC Vote Bike Manifesto

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We need, both in principle and in practice, to prioritise sustainable modes of transport, like cycling (and also walking) above motorised transport. We need to plan for strong local economies and communities and increase the available information, education and infrastructure for cycling and walking accordingly. I support doubling cycle use within ten years, and making cycling mainstream in the longer term. Received this today from Roger Geffen, CTC (the UK National Cyclists Organisation) Campaigns and Policy Director: Dear Glenn Vowles, Thank you for supporting CTC’s Vote Bike Manifesto.[summary below**]

Cycling is an exceptionally good value solution to so many of the challenges that we face today. We will be looking to the new government to set out a strong and well-funded action plan to deliver these benefits, and to help make cycling mainstream.

We hope we can count on your support for cycling in the new parliament, and will be pleased to contact you about membership of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group – supported by CTC and Britain’s other major cycling organisations – in the event of your election. I look forward to being in touch.

Cycling provides a low cost solution to many of the most pressing issues facing our country such as our health, the environment and the quality of life in our towns and cities.

- Strengthening the political and resource commitments made to cycling
- Improving the training and skills of planners and engineers in order to deliver quality cycle- friendly planning and design
- Tackling the risks faced by cyclists
- Enhancing provision for combining cycling with public transport
- Providing encouragement, incentives and opportunities to try out cycling
- Creating new and improved opportunities for recreational and off-road cycling

More detail on the CTC manifesto here.

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