Thursday, September 10, 2009

Free Eco Team training event, 26 Sept, Bristol

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Received the email below today and am passing on the message to those who follow this blog, as promised:

Dear Sir or Madam

Global Action Plan is an environmental charity that delivers tangible environmental, social and financial improvements by working practically and creatively with hundreds of thousands of people from all sections of society. In homes, the workplace, schools and the wider community we help to make the small changes that have a big impact on the things that matter.

Global Action Plan's EcoTeams programme helps households to reduce their impact on the environment and to save money. EcoTeams are groups of 6-8 people who meet once a month for approximately 5 months. At each meeting, EcoTeam participants decide together on the environmental actions that they are able and willing to do at home, and share experiences of the actions they have already taken.

Currently we are running a major national project with the goal to reach a minimum of 20,000 households over the next 2 years. In order to achieve that goal we will be running a free training event in Bristol on the 26th of September 2009.

Please find attached further details concerning this. [*See below]

We would be very happy if you could help spreading the information throughout the community and promoting signing up for the event. Would it be possible for us to post an entry in your Blog?
Kind Regards
Nicole Linke

*Invitation to become an EcoTeam leader

Come and join the 20,000 households across England taking part in EcoTeams.

We are offering you the opportunity to attend one of our free events and receive training to become an EcoTeam leader. You will learn how to set up your own EcoTeam, how to tackle your environmental footprint and just why it is so important.

EcoTeams are groups of people – neighbours, friends, colleagues – who work together to make positive changes; from minimising the energy they use to cutting down on the stuff they throw away.

With the support of a trained team leader, team members agree their own goals and how to achieve them. At the end of the exercise, they can measure how their actions have benefitted both the environment and their pockets.

A household taking part typically:

· reduces CO2 emissions by 16.6%
· reduces heating energy consumption by 21%
· reduces rubbish by 20%
· reduces water use by 15%
· reduces energy & water bills by £170 a year

We are currently running training events in:

London 5th September 2009

Bristol 26th September 2009

Leeds 7th November 2009

Further venues and dates to be added soon.

Register for an event or join online anywhere in the UK at