Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Steiner Secrecy??

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Excellent blog post here by Andy Lewis on the Steiner Free School that is being proposed in Bristol (see this Post story for the latest news on this here). Andy is rightly calling for the school's advocates to be fully open about what Rudolf Steiner (see left) and Anthroposophy stand for and whether/how this will be put into practice if the Bristol Steiner Free School goes ahead. Andy asks these pertinent questions:

1. Will you publish what associations you have with the Anthroposophical Movement?
2. Will you publish a full discussion of how Anthroposophy and Steiner’s work inspire teaching within the school?
3. Will you fully state how you ensure Steiner’s racial teachings do not influence the School?
4. Will you explain how Steiner’s work influences your teaching of science?
5. Will you publish what the spiritual and religious elements of your curriculum are?
6. What role does Anthroposophical Medicine play in your School’s ethos and how will you ensure parents are fully informed and the nature of any therapies or treatments given to students?
7. Will you tell parents about the gnomes?

You can read more views on Steiner and see links to many others from here: http://www.openwaldorf.com/steiner.html . Also see my previous post on the proposed school which expresses my particular concern that Steiner's ideas are highly inconsistent with modern science here.