Monday, July 07, 2008

Message from Spiderman

Received this message (below) today from Spiderman. Please do all you can to call for tough, urgent action on climate change.

My Friend,

Our climb for the climate continues.

Today the G8 meet in Japan for days of more talk on global warming. Sadly, the chances of them agreeing to any kind of target is very low.

That's why I am climbing in Germany, where the G8 met last year.Since then, Germany have become one of the world leaders, by setting a 40% emissions reduction target by 2020. It's brave,ambitious and essential.

We need world leaders, not world losers. My climb today is to remind the rest of the G8 of Germany's brave target and to remind them that global warming kills more people than a 9/11 everyweek. And of course to remind them that The Solution Is Simple:

1 - Stop Cutting Down Trees. Plant More Trees.

2 - Make Everything Energy Efficient.

3 - Only Make Clean Energy.

My heartfelt thanks go to the thousands of you who have already sent messages via our website

...Together our message is stronger and by the time the critical global warming summit takes place in Copenhagen 2009, our number and our message will be undeniable.

You are world leaders and we climb on.

My deepest thanks.

Alain Robert

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