Friday, April 18, 2008

On that great democrat (!) Robert Mugabe

Enjoyed this poem on that great democrat (!) Robert Mugabe today’s local paper:


18 April 2008, Bristol Evening Post

Now look, we don't like these numbers!
I think you must count them again,
Zimbabwe will not have such blunders,
Now go back and count them again.

Don’t talk about hyper-inflation,
Leave all the inflation to me,

If you want to avoid aggravation
Make sure that your vote is for me.

I'm giving the land to my cronies,
I'm taking away their past pain,
My opponents are all fakes and phonies,
They have driven me insane.

The problems are not of my making,
The British created the frame,

My enemies' boots are all quaking,
I'm dictating the rules of the game.

Now go back and recount the numbers
I don't want to tell you again,

Zimbabwe will not have these blunders!
I will not repeat this again!!

By Trevor Carter, (the Bard of Windmill Hill), Bristol.

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