Saturday, November 15, 2008

Council policy seems to be delay, delay, delay in complaint handling

Its worth noting that Council Complaints Manager Tim Sheppard said this in an email to me on 6 Nov and that therefore he/the council has again failed to give a detailed response in a reasonable time (I'm well used to it now!):

It is however, important we have the opportunity to fully address the issue of the actions of David Bishop. To this end, I propose to investigate and make a separate response to you. I would hope to complete this exercise by the end of next week. [14 Nov]

This was in direct response to me including this as part of my complaint:

It seems apparent, from documents obtained within the last week or so by The Bristol Blogger using freedom of information legislation, that David Bishop, the most senior planning officer has ignored/overruled other depts and advice from other officers and has made far reaching and speedy decisions on green space disposal that go beyond council policies.

I'll send a reminder (another one!) to the council complaints department on Monday. I await their (eventual) response with some interest especially given this insight into what really determines how development happens from Knowle Lib Dem Councillor and former Cabinet member Councillor Gary Hopkins. Over on Cllr Charlie Bolton's blog he said he is 'not shocked that a developer,of whatever shade of green or none, should do his best to secure the best deal for his development. It happens all the time...' . Tell us more Gary...

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  1. I've been told that a draft response specifically on the David Bishop issue has been drawn up and that I should get it by the end of this week.


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