Saturday, January 03, 2009

Community Caretakers Action Group

Received the message below very recently and am passing it on. I wish the unions all the best with their campaign.

Community Caretaking Action Group

One voice together protecting workers rights, ensuring equality and fairness and fighting privatisation. Working towards a better way

Dear councillor / MP


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Review Update

Well its getting close to Crunch time . Management have submitted there final proposals for Caretaking Services... you can find them here (Click on caretaking halfway down the page).
What does this proposal mean :

· All caretakers face a cut in pay and benefits.
· These cuts range from approx 2.54% - 33.52% (£7,433). See appendix D of the report.
· In fact these figures will be larger as the value of current benefits to residential staff is disputed . Management state the average difference between the figures they use and the real value is approx £800pa . this will be an immediate loss to effected workers that will not be recognised or protected.

· No pay rise for three years.
· This means roughly 50% of staff will not have had a pay rise for 6 years!!!
· Only two residential caretakers per area.
· The final decision will NOT be made by councillors , but by the head of paid service.(Is this the cabinet bottling out?)
· Demoralised and unmotivated staff.
· More chiefs and less Indians .
· Caretakers and their families becoming further in debt and forced into bankruptcy.

Unite Rejects these proposals and in conjunction with the GMB has submitted a counter proposal that still saves money , enhances the role of caretakers and protects terms and conditions.
We have a full mandate from the work force to ensure the devastating proposals set out by management are rejected by any and all means .

The workforce has the right to be angry . Especially as they were told by management that they would probably be better off working for MacDonald's.

Please support your caretakers , contact your MP and local Councillor, write to the papers and come to a rally being held at 1.30pm at the council house on 8th of January ......HR committee meeting will start at 2pm .

The time for action is now.

p.s. HAPPY NEW YEAR . (if you can afford it)

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