Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog Action Day 15 Otober 09: Climate Change

Just signed up again for Blog Action Day. The more people get involved the better!!


  1. o/t

    Re your ombudsman's complaint about chocolate factory, did you see Rotten Borough and all the other people fed up with the local government ombudsman?

  2. Many thanks for the link - I wasn't aware of it.

    Given that 'The Government's controversial watchdog for local government in England, the Local Government Ombudsman, has just published (19 January 2007) a Guidance Note to local authorities that effectively gives councils official licence to ignore or marginalise complainants whom council officers decide to categorise as too tenacious in their efforts to achieve a fair and just outcome. Councils will now, at their discretion, have official Ombudsman sanction to brand taxpayers as 'unreasonably persistent complainants' and impose draconian restrictions in terms of how the authority treats further communications...'

    Its no wonder that in the end I got nowhere with them. They seem to have a very narrow focus which limits the chance of a complainants view being investigated in detail.

  3. The whole system is basically bent, stm.

    There’s also Ombudsman Watch and a forum for sharing info that some people might find useful too.


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