Friday, November 20, 2009

Climate Emergency: Public Meeting

Passing on the message from Katie Buse: Please send this message on to anyone who might be interested!

Thursday, 26th November
The Stag and Hounds
74 Old Market St
Bristol BS2 0EJ

Speakers include
Richard Lawson (Green Party, pictured) Jonathan Neale (Campaign against Climate Change) and Karen Bell (Bristol University), Chaired by Katie Buse (Green Party)

How to get to the National Climate March from Bristol on Dec 05

Bristol Campaign against Climate Change has decided to use the already available public transport.

Megabus:£5 return to London Victoria, make your own way to Rally in Hyde Park.
Dept Colston Hall 07:30 or 10:30
RTN 18:30 -Bristol.21:00
use code RSPB01

Train enquiries; CAFOD 01752 551679, Christian Aid: 01395 222304, Tearfund:02086198076
Tickets £25 departsBristol Temple Meads-Paddington 09:34 on 05 DEC phone 0845 678 2976
National Express has buses running from Malborough St. Bus Station at 08:20 and 08:50.
Tickets btwn£14-£16

If you are a memberof Oxfam or the Co-op you can book with them.
£10 rtn/under 16 gofree. Leaves 0800from @ Bristol, on the Harbourside, Anchor Rd (BS1 5DB) go to: and follow links to "the Wave

or phone Charlotte( Connections) 0845 643 4123

OR you can cycle there!




  2. Well Anonymous, I've been there and read a fair bit of stuff. I've seen a lot of this kind of thing before as I've been around in the climate debates for many yrs now. What, in a nutshell, is your view on the climate issue?

  3. In a nutshell, I agree with most environmental concerns. CC I don't yet buy, because too many people have too much invested in it, and if evidence ever came to light (as it clearly has, on several occasions) that it was an incorrect assumption, it would never be turned round. Also, the media coverage and brainwashing smacks of bollocks to me. Just like WMDs, we are being convinced and the recent comment in parliament "climate and holocaust deniers" shows how any opposition is quashed.

  4. Climate change is not an assumption Anonymous - there is a mass of evidence to support it. That evidence has grown very much larger over the decades of investigation.

    Multiple scientific institutions have independently arrived at the same trends and conclusions. All the science is subject to peer review and has been scrutinised over and again.

    The idea that they are ALL simply assuming climate change because they have vested interests is simply not credible.


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