Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tesco unfairly treated in Bristol?

Tesco has 17 stores within a two and a half mile radius of the centre of Bristol but despite this thinks its planning applications are unfairly treated here! Has it not entered their head that many people think we've got more than enough of their stores already and that we dont need or want any more?? More power to all those people scrutinising planning applications and taking part in the planning process...

SUPERMARKET giant Tesco claims it is being unfairly treated in Bristol when it comes to planning applications for new stores.

The company is trying to open two new shops in the city and is considering bidding for a third on the Harbourside.
But Tesco claims its plans have been bogged down and delayed by red tape, while rivals have been met with little or no opposition.
It intends to open stores in Knowle and Stokes Croft but on both occasions its plans have come up against fierce opposition from residents and politicians...


  1. How dare Tesco claim it is getting a raw deal in Bristol?

    Tesco has 38 stores in Bristol according to Tesco's own store locator:

    Please see my latest blog on Why I object to Tesco in Stokes Croft:

    Deadline for emailing objections to Bristol City Council:
    14 September

    Template letter:

    Thanks, Elisabeth

  2. I don't have access to the figures, but I imagine it is partly down to numbers - they are bigger & make more applications. Also, they seem not to have noticed that a high profile campaign, BOGOFS, opposed Sainsbury's application in Horfield.

  3. Maybe Tescos might like to consider running pubs, after all they have a hand in everything else.

    Give us back our local. We need community facilities not more supermarkets.


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